PRATs at the Great Run Local Salford Quays – 14-5-15

PRAT PigThursday nights are a firm favourite in the PRATs running calendar – Thursday’s are the Great Run Local at Salford Quays!

We were a team member down tonight as Dunc had suffered a slight knee injury from an interval session with Martin and Chris on Monday at heart attack hills. However, he subbed in his son George and instead acted as official PRAT photographer. A PRAT loves nothing more than a running photo!

We were also joined by honorary PRAT member Steph, Duncs missus, ahead of her half marathon on Sunday!

The conversation of PBs had been tossed about on Twitter earlier in the day, and we all set off with a good dose of PMA courtesy of coach (aka Martin).

Rach promised to ‘do her best’ being a bit non-committal to any time, Chris had decided he was going to give intervals a shot (400m recovery, 400m fast) and Martin was aiming for 22 minutes since he was still coming back from injury. Needless to say, that didn’t all go to plan!

It was a windy, chilly evening around the Quays which didn’t make for the best conditions. Martin wasn’t pleased with his start, setting off faster than planned. Chris began his warm up 2 minutes prior to his Garmin kicking in telling him to enter ‘BEAST MODE’ and Rach was practicing not blasting off by hanging back as much as she could.

Martin came in at a fantastic 21.01, although he told us afterwards he felt every second of it and it wasn’t pretty.


Chris felt unwell half way around the course and decided to use better judgement and drop out; saving himself for the big 5-0 at Saturday’s Parkrun.


Rach struck gold with a 5k PB of 27.18 – a whole 9 seconds faster than her previous record!


Overall, a solid performance for the PRATs. Not every week will be a winner, but consistency is key and all the hard training during the week is paying off! Soon we will all be basking in PB glory week after week!


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