Prats at the Pennington Park Run Report 2-5-14

PRAT PigWith recent chat being Chris, the only uninjured Prat claiming to be the fastest Prat in the club today was a day Martin sought out to regain his crown. Unfortunately Dunc was feeling a bit sore so wasnt out.

Pennington was chosen as it is one of only a few Parkruns that Chris and Rach had PBs of over 30 minutes, so they were determined to wipe that off. Weather was better than the other two times Chris has run the route, where he’d said after each run “Thats the last time Im running that route”.

Chris started a bit fast and Martin snuck into his slipstream. Rach wasnt too far behind but with the last lap of 3 Martin slipped in front of Chris and beckoned him forward. Chris however was dead, and let him go despite shouts of “Come to the hand”.

With Martin running off and finishing in 27:30, Chris was 30 seconds back on 28:06. With Rachs injury we werent sure where she would come, but just 40 seconds later there she is!


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