PRATs at the Warrington ParkRun Report – 9-5-15

PRAT PigRun Report by Martin, as Chris is slow!

The PRATs had one eye on the weather on Friday Night and one eye on their Twitter notifications as they tried to come to a decision about which parkrun they would attend. It basically came down to which would be the driest.

IMG_7655An hour of intense Twitter negotiations and it was decided that Martin would take the PRATs to Wythenshawe – a fast flat course with PB potential.

Just as things were finalised the PRATs were tweeted by one of Warrington parkruns volunteers @sweettreatsches. The lure of post run cakes and cups of tea was dangled in front of their noses and the PRATs were all over it like a pigeon on a dropped chip.

There was no real mention of anyone running a particular race plan as the PRATs met at the Warrington start line for the usual 15 minute pre run briefing but it was obvious Chris was gunning for another PB after Thursday’s success. He was also keen to knock Rach who is still troubled by knee problems off of the overall podium.

IMG_7652Duncs, much like his understanding of Twitter wasn’t entirely sure what to do and Martin who is still on the tentative road from injury recovery was keen to just see how things went if he went a bit fast.

The PRATs all love Warrington. It’s a fast, pretty flat course, mainly on Tarmac. Not only this but the other runners and marshalls are very supportive and friendly.

With that in mind Chris set off at PB pace from the word go. Martin was taking shelter in his slip stream as he warmed into the race and after about half a mile an opening developed and he slingshotted past Chris to take the lead.

IMG_7653Dunc, with Daisy & Elwood providing pelvic thrust stuck to the job and soon took the lead from Chris.

Rachel as ever forgot that she told everyone she was going to run easy and brought up the

Martin was pleased to finish injury free in his fastest time for some weeks in 22:57 followed by Dunc and dogs in 26:52

Chris struggled to keep pace with Dunes‘ extra dog power and was gutted to find he finished in 27:27 – drawing the overall couples parkrun PB with Rachel although the debate continues as Rachel’s was set on a much tougher course.

IMG_7654Rachel was happy to get round in one piece with no further injuries with a solid 28:03.

All that was left was to eat the delicious cakes and drink tea supplied by the amazing

Thanks Warrington – see you next week for Rachel’s and Chris‘ 50th!

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