April 20, 2016

About The PRATs

The PRAT’s (Park Running Amateur Trotters) were formed in 2015 by Martin, Dunc, Chris and Rachel. The fantastic foursome met when running regularly together on a Wednesday with a running group run by the Sweatshop. Bonded by a love for running they began running together (well, I say together, Martin was usually way out in front) several times a week and meeting up at regular Park Run runs.

Sweatshop cancelled the weekly runs just before Christmas 2014 due to staff shortages, but the four regulars kept on running on a wednesday, gradually adding in more sessions through the week. Not wanting to join a running club they started calling themselves the PRATs and it was at the Manchester Marathon in April 2015 that saw the PRATs first publically debut – Martin and Dunc running, while Chris and Rachel stood at the sidelines shouting “Come on you PRATs” or “Go on team PRAT!”

With many runs now booked in and regular sessions through the week you can be sure to see much more of the PRATs in races around the North. The PRATs run quite regulary in Urmston, Irlam, Worsley, Salford Quays, Eccles and around Manchester. If you’re looking for some friends to run with then the PRATs are for you

The PRATs are an unaffiliated running club and you run with us at your own risk