April 20, 2016

PRAT Profiles

5K PB :19:29
10K PB : 41:39
Half Marathon PB : TBA
Marathon PB : 3:27:51
50k PB : 5:08:57
Ironman PB : 13:36:14

The unofficial coach of the PRATs, Martin plans our runs despite all our complaints. A lover of endurance running, he can often be found leading the pack of PRATs with his hand by his side saying “Come on, run to the hand” or “Lets just catch that person in front… then the person in front of them”.

5K PB : 25:21
10K PB : 55:21
Half Marathon PB : 1:56:59

If you start Chris on talking about running he’ll no doubt remind you that when he was 18 he was an award winning triathlete, but discovering alcohol at Uni put training on a backburner for 15 years. Now much older and heavier he started running again after being inspired by a friend on twitter and dragged his better half Rachel out with him. Now his targets are to get sub 25 on a 5k and sub 55 on a 10k as well as lose some padding for the wedding of the year in 2016.

5K PB : 26:41
10K PB : 55:19
Half Marathon PB : 2:05:42

If you learn only one thing from these profiles it should be to not believe Rachel when she says “I’m taking it easy”. Too many times the PRATs have been lured into thinking Rach was having an easy day only to see her flying past them. To Rachel taking it easy means just going 5 seconds short of her PB rather than smashing it. For years Rach wasnt able to get into running but starting Parkruns in 2014 got her interested and keen into the running. Oh and if she tells you she isn’t competitive don’t believe that either – if theres a chance she can beat you at a sprint finish she’ll zoom off in her “BEAST MODE”

5K PB : 26.18
10K PB : 53.46​
Marathon PB : 4:56:14

Doesnt know how to work Twitter, or how to recognise famous runners but we still love him. Can very often be seen being dragged along by his dogs – we’re sure it gives him a boost. Easily distracted by a pub.

2K PB : 11:30
5K PB : 33:48

Faster than her dad, but then again who isnt? She may be short but shes fast, blink and you may miss her. If you want to see her in action search Youtube for Pig vs Monkey